Welcome to my website! I am delighted that you took time to visit and hope you find value in having been here.

BARUTI Enterprises is a California-based consulting and coaching business providing professional and personal integral coaching services, workshops and trainings for health care professionals, educators, youth-serving agencies and community members. 

BARUTI Enterprises' commitment is to training and education which results in the growth and development of individuals and organizations from the public and private sectors. Paramount to achieving this goal is honoring the whole person.  All workshop topics can be amended to fit the needs of the faith-based community. 

As it states above Baruti (bah-ROO-tee) is a Botswana word meaning "Teacher". I have accepted my gift and call to teach, inspire and support the transformation of lives through words. It is the person's wellbeing that is at the heart of BARUTI Enterprises.

BARUTI  Enterprises 
(bah-ROO-tee) is a Botswana word meaning “Teacher”.
"Knowledge is Better Than Riches"