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What is Integral Coaching?
Integral Coaching is a process that enables individuals to achieve long-term excellence and the ability to become self-correcting and self-generating. Integral Coaching leaves nothing out; honoring the entire human being and his/her unique experiences to bring about desired change.

Who will benefit from Integral Coaching?
The benefits of Integral Coaching are long-lasting and far-reaching. Anyone open to change and willing to discover a new way of being will benefit.

"This coaching program was amazing! It came at the perfect time in my life where I needed to make a lifestyle change. As with any big change, it is always easier to accept and stick to it if you have support. The support this coaching program (you) gave me will last a lifetime!  Your coaching was magic.  You always managed to come up with the "right" words to help me clearly see a different side of things or a different path to take.  You were always understanding and most of all, patient and supportive in my quest for inner peace and a lifestyle change."
From Coaching Client, Lisa La Rocca - Danville, CA

"La Rhonda is an incredibly skilled presenter and trainer on a variety of sensistive issues. As a faculty member for our Contraceptive Technology conference, she provides insights to the clinicians about strategies for working with challenging patients, improving communication skills with teens, helping patients reduce risk-taking behaviors, and meeting the needs of patients with alternative lifestyles. La Rhonda presents information in an engaging, inclusive and respectful manner, giving our attendees creative tools for caring for patients with special needs."
Pam Jenkins-Wallace, MS, NP
Director of Program Development
Contemporary Forums - Dublin, CA

"La Rhonda brings to life the African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" as she works tirelessly to build stronger families and healthy communities. As a former Oakland Unified School District Parent, I came to look to her for inspiration, encouragement and information. She has a special way of connecting with families from diverse backgrounds which makes it possible for us to find our own strengths."
Wanda Tucker, Parent - Oakland, CA

BARUTI Enterprises will work with you to develop the training/workshop that best fits the needs of your group, agency or organization. All workshop topics can be amended to fit the needs of the faith-based community.
Sample Workshop Topics:

Health Education

Family Planning & Birth Control

Conflict Resolution & Violence Prevention

Female Health Issues & Concerns


Improving Parent-Child Communications

Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Celebrating the Empty Nest

Additional Topics

Staff Development & Team Building

Cultural Competency & Sensitivity

Working Effectively with Teens