The Sister-Friend Business Network was founded in October 2013, by La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson, owner of BARUTI Enterprises and built on the understanding of the African Proverb, "Sticks in a bundle cannot be broken."  

The SFBN intends to:

~Expand the networks of Black, female business owners
~Encourage commitment to spend dollars FIRST with members of the network and other Black-owned businesses
~Support the formation of mutually beneficial partnerships within the network to increase visibility and expand target populations
~Provide a safe and supportive place for problem-solving, brainstorming and the exchange of ideas
~Provide training and support for business excellence
~Instill a spirit of "giving back" in its members by sharing with local communities and organizations
~Create an organization that brings pride to our community and serves as a role model for similar groups.

For additional information and a full listing of businesses in the SFBN, please call 510-895-1093.